Datomic Tidbits

Datomic is just a stunningly interesting database. It was designed from the ground up by Rich Hickey in 2010 – after he created a new programming language specifically to realize his ideas. For those of us who were raised on SQL, it’s exciting to see just how differently you can approach data storage and retrieval.

I have had the pleasure of working with the database almost since its launch in 2012. Join me and you too can get a taste of Datomic.

Part 1:
An Explosion of Data

Datomic is truly a delightful database to work with. I’m starting the year with a new series of tidbits from this functional, functional database. First out is the data model at its core – and explosions!

Part 2:
A Deconstructed Database

Rich Hickey once said that design fundamentally involves taking things apart so that they can be put back together again. This is certainly true for Datomic, a database split right down the middle.